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The most accurate source for hyperlocal coastal current forecasts. View real-time and upcoming currents from any computer or phone.

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Premium ocean model regions

All forecast models are run daily to include the latest tidal and wind forcing.
Spatial resolution is listed for each region (smaller is better).


Instance access to:

Chesapeake Bay [500 meter]
Cook Inlet, AK [500 meter]
Delaware Bay [500 meter]
Gulf of Maine [1 km]
San Francisco Bay [300 meter]
West Coast US [4 km]
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All of the free regions, plus:

Biscayne Bay [150 meter]
Boston Harbor [100 meter]
Corpus Christi [200 meter]
Galveston Bay [200 meter]
Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean [3 km]
Salish Sea [500 meter]
Tampa Bay [300 meter]
Western Mediterranean Sea [2 km]

and more on the way...

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Anderson Reggio
Testing Manager for American Magic

On working with Current Lab's Kevin Rosa, PhD:
"Kevin’s knowledge and expertise are unmatched, and his ability to adapt to the team's evolving needs throughout the [2021 America's Cup] campaign was quite beneficial.
In the high-current environment of the racing area in Auckland, New Zealand, Kevin was able to produce a model that met team needs in terms of temporal and spatial resolution which was further customized and calibrated as more knowledge was gained throughout the training period."

1. Currents

Our high-resolution flow models leverage powerful supercomputing and years of data validation. We incorporate tides, wind, bathymetry, rivers, and more to simulate the most complex coastal regions.

Competitive sailing

2. Underwater Acoustics

Our 3D sound speed models focus on representing coastal regions with much higher accuracy than global alternatives such as HYCOM.

Sonic layer depth
Below-layer gradient
Diurnal variability

3. Transport modeling

From chemical spills to air-sea rescues, we deliver oceanographic insight to optimize your decision making.

Search and Rescue
Plankton blooms and fisheries

Current Lab’s forecasts are powerful and easy to use.

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