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The Current Map app

Hyper-detailed ocean currents available on your phone, computer, or chartplotter. View in the app or download GRIB files.

Your own virtual ocean.

Everything you need. Nothing you don't.

Science first

Not all forecasts are created equal. Our top priority will always be providing the most accurate data possible.

Effortless integration

We work within your existing workflow. Our GRIB files are compatible with GPS chartplotters and popular GRIB apps.

Amazing results

Our users are blown away by their performance gains. Whether you're sailing for a gold medal or trying to save on fuel costs, make the ocean work for you.

1. Route optimization

Find the optimal route and departure timing for operations in high-current areas.

Competitive sailing
Unmanned vehicles
Marine construction

2. Underwater acoustics

3D sound speed fields at 10-50x higher spatial resolution than standard global models.

Marine mammal monitoring
Threat detection
Acoustic communications

3. Environmental assessment

Proven expertise in modeling the transport of pollutants, sediments, and more.

Offshore wind

What clients are saying

Anderson Reggio
Testing Manager for American Magic

On working with Current Lab's Kevin Rosa, PhD:
"Kevin’s knowledge and expertise are unmatched, and his ability to adapt to the team's evolving needs throughout the [2021 America's Cup] campaign was quite beneficial.
In the high-current environment of the racing area in Auckland, New Zealand, Kevin was able to produce a model that met team needs in terms of temporal and spatial resolution which was further customized and calibrated as more knowledge was gained throughout the training period."

Current Lab’s forecasts are powerful and easy to use.

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